General Dentistry

Dental Exam

During your first visit and at all check-ups with us at Schoolhouse Family Dentistry, Dr. John will assess your dental health with a comprehensive dental exam.

  • Digital X-Rays
    We believe it is just as important to use the most advanced dental technology available as it is to stay up-to-date on the latest treatments. Here at Schoolhouse Family Dentistry, we use advanced digital x-ray technology to provide crisp and clear images which help detect decay, tumors, and bone loss.  Digital x-rays offer a significant reduction in the amount of radiation exposure. Dr. John is proud to offer this type of technology as a safety precaution to our patients and our team.
  • Oral Cancer Screening
    Dr. John will perform a routine check of your face, neck, lips, tongue, throat, and gums for any abnormalities and possible signs of oral cancer.  Early detection is key!
  • Gum Disease
    Signs of periodontal disease will be detected by measuring the pocket depths between your teeth and gums. Numbers over 4 mm in depth indicate risk.  Periodontal disease affects the gum tissue surrounding your teeth and is a leading cause of tooth loss in adults.  Our dental hygienists here at Schoolhouse Family Dentistry are highly skilled at treating this disease as well as well as in providing superior education to help patients avoid or stabilize the disease.
  • Tooth Charting
    All existing restorations will be documented for each particular tooth; such as existing fillings, crowns, implants and bridges. Dr. John will inspect each of the existing restorations for any defects or need for repair. Every tooth surface will be examined for decay, fractures or any abnormalities as well. 

Professional Dental Cleaning

Our dental hygienists are hand-picked by Dr. John and are amazingly skilled, gentle and friendly! Dr. John relies on them to be his “second set of eyes." At Schoolhouse Family Dentistry, we want your cleaning appointment to be thorough, informative, relaxed and fun!  Our goal is for you to feel comfortable expressing your concerns, likes and dislikes about your teeth and smile. We listen and we care. Here’s what to expect during your cleaning appointment:

  • Plaque and Calculus Removal
    Even if you take great care of your teeth at home, you still have bacteria that forms every few minutes in your mouth. Throughout the day, the bacteria mixes with saliva, food and drinks forming a sticky film called dental plaque. The plaque coats your teeth above and below the gum line.  If left there too long, undisturbed, the soft, sticky residue turns into a hardened substance called tartar, or calculus.  This leads to future cavities, gum irritation and periodontal disease.  Calculus needs to be professionally removed.  Our hygienists use special dental instruments for this purpose.  They will provide education so that you can best care for your oral hygiene and they will recommend various dental products that will be helpful for cleaning.
  • Ultrasonic Scaling
    The hygienists at our office have ultrasonic scalers at their disposal.  They are a fast and efficient way to clean teeth using water and vibration.  They do not replace hand-scaling, but rather, greatly reduce the amount of hand-scaling needed.  The water flushes the debris from underneath the gum tissue and promotes healing. 
  • Teeth Polishing and Stain Removal
    Polishing leaves the teeth clean and smooth so that bacteria is unable to stick to them.  Once cleaned and polished, patients have a good start to a solid, regular home care routine.  Polishing also helps to remove day-to-day stain build-up from things like coffee, tea, colas, wine and tobacco.  In addition, our hygienists use fluoridated polishes to help strengthen the enamel. Most patients love how their teeth look and feel after being professionally polished.
  • Fluoride Varnish Application
    Getting enough fluoride to the tooth and root structure is smart on many fronts.  Fluoride applied topically is an effective agent against decay no matter your age.  It not only keeps new decay from occurring but also helps prevent decay around the margins of fillings and crowns both old and new. In addition, topical fluoride helps prevent and treat tooth sensitivity due to recession. The consistent and long term use of fluoride is your way of banking your tooth health for the future, especially in the senior years, where the prevalence of decay and sensitivity increases.

We encourage regular cleanings as they detect small dental issues before they become problematic. This helps to avoid discomfort and high cost dentistry. Call us at Schoolhouse Family Dentistry today and be on your way to a cleaner, healthier smile!